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Design is in the DETAILS


Details Design Studio does everything from simple, one-time consultations to complete design packages for homes and commercial spaces. Residential Interior Design, Commercial Interior Design, and Project Management. 


Function is my priority.  Making the space pretty is fun, but my passion is really getting to know the client and designing a space to that fits their specific needs.  I want to make their life better through every DETAIL we select, coordinate and design.  I will watch, listen and learn to get a thorough understanding of how you live and what you need in a space.  Then I use all aspects of design to translate that into something unique to you - all while being mindful of your style, timeframe and budget.  I also strive to help guide you through the process of design and construction so you can enjoy the whole journey.  I look forward to the opportunity to help you transform your space. 


- Lindsey Richardson

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